If you have been around the technology block a few times, you have heard some buzz surrounding cloud based phone systems for business. You may wonder, though, how is a cloud based voice solution better than my current PBX system? 

Broadtek has the answer to your question. A cloud based phone system can do everything a traditional on-premises system can do AND do it more efficiently.

3 Benefits of Cloud Based Voice

Here are three key benefits of moving to a cloud based phone system:  Lower cost, greater reliability, and enhanced productivity.

1. Lower Cost of Cloud Based Voice

  • Minimal Front-end Costs. Cloud based phone systems require minimal up-front costs and enable a business to get started without the need of expensive “back-end” costs for the hardware, servers, network upgrades, and the implementation and licensing
  • All-inclusive Pricing. Most cloud voice providers offer an all-inclusive pricing for simple and advance voice features, instead of the typical al-a-carte pricing of an on-premises provider. Cloud voice is more cost efficient because it integrates all features natively into the platform. Traditional phone systems require additional hardware for most add-on features.
  • Reduce Communication Lines. Most organizations often have separate access lines for their voice and data traffic. Cloud voice utilizes broadband circuits and internet access. This means separate communication lines are no longer needed.
  • Grows With Company. The cost of a cloud based phone system is based on the number of users. You are now able to accurately predict telecommunication expenses based on the number of users. Long distance charges, software upgrades, licensing and hardware maintenance are also things of the past.

2. Reliability of Cloud Based Voice

  • Professionally Managed. Cloud based voice system is professionally manged. The burden to keep data and hardware safe and up to date are no longer a concern. Most cloud based phone systems also provide specialized 24/7 support.
  • Remove Single Point of Failure. A traditional on-premises phone system has a single point of failure making it more vulnerable to outages. Cloud based voice offers redundancy hosting in data centers across the country making outages less likely to happen.
  • Access Anywhere. Cloud based voice can be accessed from anywhere with high speed internet service. Connect an IP phone or open the mobile device app to have full functionality of being in the office.

3. Enhanced Productivity of Cloud Based Voice

Cloud voice has full functionality of a traditional phone system enhancing user productivity:

  • Voicemail-to-email and fax-to-email Users are able to personalize call settings and access faxes and voicemails from their inbox.
  • Find-me/Follow-me. & Remote workers. Calls can automatically be forwarded to any number designated whether it’s a mobile phone or your desk phone. This gives you the ability to provide all phone system features to remote workers and/or multiple locations. Since many modern companies have a mobile and a multi-location workforce, this feature can prove to be invaluable.
  • Visual Dial Editor. Administrators can make real-time changes to configure, customize, and update call features. Rich features such as wait times, auto attendants, voicemail boxes, and other complex dial plans are accessed by a web-based drop-and-drag interface.
  • Dial-In-Conference Calls. Users can host an unlimited conference calls with multiple participants with ease. No need for additional fees or third party software.
  • Simplified Macs. Changes to your phone system with cloud voice can be made fast and seamlessly, without requiring complicated configuration or an expensive third-party service.

Cloud based voice offers many benefits to improve your companies bottom line, efficiency and productivity. Click here to learn more about ways a cloud based voice system can help your company.