As the market becomes more competitive, businesses in all industries are counting on IT service providers to boost performance and productivity while reducing costs.

As the leading IT solutions company, Broadtek boasts over 30 years of experience providing the business IT solutions you need to keep up with dynamic market requirements.

We’ll assist you with designing, creating, implementing, managing, and optimizing your IT infrastructure to accommodate your business needs. By utilizing our expert services, you can easily optimize performance and ensure that all operational aspects remain secure and efficient.

Let’s explore the various IT solutions available and how your business can benefit from these innovative solutions.

Types of IT Solutions

Our experts at Broadtek understand the power of a well-designed and functional technology environment. We have extensive experience delivering exceptional IT solutions such as:

  • Network Solutions

Networking services cover all aspects of implementing a successful company network, including:

  • Optimizing security
  • Laying out the network by separating it into different tiers
  • Setting up devices such as modems and routers
  • Building the network infrastructure and more

Our experts use only the best solutions to ensure the utmost performance and security. For instance, we install Cisco Meraki access points built with top-notch components to ensure:

  • More coverage
  • Greater user capacity
  • Faster connections
  • Fewer support calls

We also design more flexible network designs by combining copper Cisco Catalyst 3850 and Stack fiber switches.

  • Data Security Solutions

Data security solutions protect sensitive data from unauthorized access or malicious activity. Its solutions include:

  • Data encryption
  • Authentication protocols
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection systems

Encryption refers to encoding information so that only authorized individuals can access it.

Authentication protocols involve verifying the identity of users. Every user has to enter valid credentials, such as a PIN or password, before gaining access to specific resources.

Our experts implement RSA products and solutions in four crucial areas to ensure intelligence-driven security. We apply RSA solutions in the following ways:

  • Security Operations
  • Identity
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Anti-Fraud

We’ll also ensure you have robust firewalls to restrict network traffic and prevent unwanted intrusions. With Cisco Meraki’s layer seven firewalls, you can count on an additional layer of defense for critical assets.

  • Software IT Solutions

Software solutions help you manage your digital assets and applications. We leverage cutting-edge Dell PowerEdge servers to ensure optimum application performance, operational efficiency, versatility, and manageability. Furthermore, thanks to Cisco’s robust Unified Computing Systems, you can count on near-infinite computing power.

Reach out to us and experience a difference in productivity, costs, communication, and streamlined operations.

  • Cloud Backup Services

The cloud’s versatility makes it ideal for supporting virtual services, including applications, programs, and operating systems.

As the leading cloud computing solutions provider, Broadtek delivers customizable, cost-effective, and high-performance services. Our experts will customize various aspects of your cloud environment to accommodate your needs, including:

  • Storage
  • Cloud data centers
  • Cloud servers
  • Hosted PBX
  • Desktops
  • Backup and disaster recovery

The Broadtek Cloud gives you back control over your IT infrastructure. You’ll enjoy lower operating costs and capital requirements while enhancing business continuity and service delivery.

Cloud backup services also include disaster recovery (DR). DR services enable you to restore systems quickly if an outage occurs. Our comprehensive cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions ensure you have backups for your data in case of unexpected issues. We leverage cutting-edge technology from AppAssure, NetApp, and Veeam to accommodate your off-site and on-site needs.

You can rest assured that your data remains safe and accessible if you lose the original data. We can get your business back online in hours with a simple re-route.

Benefits of Using IT Services

IT solutions consulting services can provide businesses with a wide range of advantages, from increased productivity to cost savings. The experts leverage the latest technologies to improve your business performance and reduce operational costs.

Here are more reasons why you should take advantage of our custom IT services:

  • Increased Productivity

IT services solutions enable you to streamline your business processes and automate mundane tasks. Doing so frees up time for your employees to focus on essential activities such as project planning or client communication.

You can increase your output and complete projects faster without hiring additional staff.

  • Enhanced Communication

IT solutions and services feature cloud-based tools that allow real-time collaboration from any location. For instance, multiple team members can collaborate on various platforms to work on documents simultaneously while sharing files to exchange information quickly.

These tools also help maintain communication channels between departments. Team members have access to shared contact lists or calendars, increasing efficiency in all operations.

  • Cost Savings

Most IT solutions offer scalability, so you only pay for what you need. This structure helps you save money on hardware purchases and other costs associated with implementing new systems within your IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, most cloud-based solutions require a minimal upfront investment. This is particularly beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources.

We can help you optimize costs without sacrificing performance using Dell OptiPlex desktops, Venue tablets, and Dell Latitude notebooks. These next-level devices deliver easy serviceability, exceptional security, and robust performance.

  • Improved Security

Data security is becoming increasingly important as cyber threats continue to rise. Fortunately, an adequate data protection strategy can ensure valuable data remains safe through measures such as:

  • Data encryption
  • Authentication protocols
  • Firewalls and more

Our team works with you to design and implement an efficient data protection strategy. You can rest assured that no unauthorized person will use your applications or gain access to sensitive data stored on your networks.

How to Choose the Right IT Service Provider

When selecting an IT solutions services provider, evaluating the company’s experience and qualifications is essential.

Look for providers with a proven track record in delivering quality solutions that comply with all relevant industry standards and meet your particular needs.

At Broadtek, we boast over three decades of experience delivering first-class computer network design, maintenance, and implementation services. Our advanced security services are an asset to any business, even in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, education, and finance.

It would help if you also considered the service provider’s reputation. You can research online customer reviews to understand the company’s reliability and work quality. We take pride in our work, as evident in our client testimonials. We are happy to share references from our current or past clients to assess our performance levels and reliability since 1987 accurately.

You can confirm that we delivered on our promises and whether there were any issues during the implementations of projects we previously undertook.

Why You Should Work with the Best IT Solutions Company

Types of IT Solutions

Working with an IT solutions company offers multiple benefits to any business. For instance, you can leverage the expertise of our knowledgeable professionals, who dedicate their focus to helping you achieve your goals.

These experts have extensive knowledge of the newest technologies. They understand how to use these technologies effectively to maximize efficiency. These professionals also have the necessary certifications to handle complex tasks.

As the leading IT solutions consulting inc., we provide agile technical support, enabling your team to resolve operational issues quickly. This agility is crucial for any business since downtime directly affects revenue and productivity. You can minimize or mitigate disruptions by accessing experienced technicians whenever you need support.

Working with an IT solution and service provider allows you to focus on your core business processes and goals without worrying about managing technology operations. You can successfully boost your overall performance while allowing your team to focus on more productive tasks such as marketing initiatives.

Finally, enhanced data security protocols ensure confidential data remains safe regardless of where you store it in networks. We’ll help you design and implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

You can enjoy your peace of mind, knowing that no sensitive documents can fall into the wrong hands even if your systems face a threat.

Optimize Performance with Innovative Solutions

Businesses must choose the right IT solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings. By working with a reliable IT solutions company like Broadtek, which leverage the latest technologies, you can benefit from the following:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better communication
  • Scalability
  • Enhanced security and more

Furthermore, you will have access to experienced professionals to help you achieve your business goals while minimizing downtime when technical issues arise. Ultimately investing in quality IT services is a smart move that will keep your business competitive within your industry. Request a quote today and discover new success levels for your business.