The Problem Securing your business and personal information

(And why it’s a bigger problem than you make think)

One of the most prevalent and malicious threats to your information is non-targeted malware. The breadth of these attacks is staggering. Symantec reports there were more than 317 million new pieces of malware created last year, meaning nearly one million new threats were released into the wild each day. Simply opening an email and clicking what appears to be a legitimate link may infect your systems with malware. Malware attacks may hijack your system for spammers without your knowledge, steal your customer information, and obtain passwords and account information.

While most malware and viruses are not targeted to any specific organization or business, targeted attacks use a range of tools and exploits to hit a specific organization. You may think these targeted attacks are aimed only at very large organizations, particularly when one of these makes the national news. However, fully 60% of targeted attacks last year struck small and medium sized organizations.

Today you have to look beyond your computer as well. With Internet and/or wireless connected devices such as Smartphones, tablets and iPads, printers, credit card readers, etc., it takes more than a simple PC based anti-virus to protect and secure your valuable information.