Free Windows 10 Upgrade – Until July 29th, 2016

(And how it does more than just securing your information)

Many of you may be aware that Microsoft is offering free upgrades from Windows 7, 8, & 8.1 on supported machines to Windows 10. However, this free upgrade offer lasts only until July 29, 2016.

The standard operating system for the large majority of our commercial customers is Windows 7 Pro. Microsoft’s official end of sale for Windows 7 Pro is the end of October 2016. Thus new PCs purchased after that date will have Windows 10 installed. Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for existing Windows 7 Pro (and 8 and 8.1) is an excellent opportunity to get a head start on bringing your installed base of PCs to what will be the next business standard opeating system, Windows 10. 

Broadtek has installed a sizeable number of Windows 10 systems and upgraded many Windows 7 machines. We are using Windows 10 ourselves and find that it performs well, has excellent compatibility with existing applications, broad printer support, and most importantly is very stable. Regarding performance, it actually requires fewer system resources than Windows 7, and many users find that existing systems perform better on Windows 10 at the same level of memory and processor of a Windows 7 machine.

Click here to upgrade your systems directly from Microsoft. The application is straightforward and we’ve seen very few problems although some interaction is required per machine that will require your attention during the upgrade process. At Broadtek, we’ve developed our own process for upgrading a quantity of systems and offer this service to our customers at a low flat rate cost per machine which includes sorting out any problems that might occur during the process.

In our opinion, the Windows 7 end of sale combined with the robust performance and stability of Windows 10 makes a strong case to move to the next Windows standard. Whether you do this on your own or take advantage of our services to assist, we encourage you to make this move before the upcoming deadline. To learn the details of our upgrade services, please contact your Broadtek account representative soon.